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Amazing Apps for Hospitality Industry

Businesses today are embracing technology, immensely as it helps improve operations and cut costs. All sectors, ranging from law enforcement to the hospitality industry are incorporating different techniques to improve efficiency and to serve the people better. The hospitality industry seems to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of digital technology. For instance, hotel management and the police collaborate to enhance the security of the public by installing cameras and gunshot detectors. All the management team needs to do is disable VPN service and connect to a police department VPN even to share customer data if need be.

Basically, technology has made everything in the hospitality industry especially with the introduction of apps for that are meant to be used by both the professionals and the guests. With a world that relies so much on apps to do things, here are the perfect apps for the hotel industries.


As the name suggests, this is an app that is used in making payments. With the app, customers can select the location of a restaurant, retrieve bills, book a table, make even split payments and place orders. The most amazing part is that it allows several modes of payment. That includes the use of debit and credit cards, PayPal and Apple pay.

Waiters do not have to move to collect bills. With Flypay, your restaurant can save on costs and also make your processes faster and efficient.


Snappii is a hospitality app like no other. What makes it so unique? Well, you will realize that most players in the hospitality industry have different requirements as they also serve customers with different needs. Snappii allows you to build customized apps for your hotel that will meet your hospitality needs. Snappii has an app for employees that will enable them to save time while making entry of customer data. Additionally, there is a customer service app that goes a long way into ensuring that your customers receive the services that they need and are satisfied at all times.


Evaluating your business from time to time is essential for its success. It is the only way to know if you are making profits or not. Evaluation also helps you identify your areas of strengths and also weaknesses in your business.

In your restaurant business, you need an app like FoodOps to help you analyze your business easily and efficiently. This app helps managers with the analysis of data of different branches and make a comparison of the various existing metrics.

Bamboo HR

In the hotel industry, the performance of the employees needs to be top notch for you to make your business competitive. If you need an app that will help you in managing your workforce, Bamboo HR goes all the way from monitoring their daily performance to conducting an appraisal. For more efficiency in your business, the apps discussed above will come in handy. They can easily be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. If you do not have one, how about you get one of these today?